When looking for custom Lego pieces or accessories, I am looking for quality. This is exactly what BrickForge provides, and more. Their products are almost perfectly in shape with the style of a normal accessory, melding into the universe of Lego flawlessly. Also, they match Lego in the aspect of professionalism. Never straying from good service and direction.

Ranging from armor and weapons to hair and musical instruments, BrickForge always has what I need. And the variety doesn’t stop there, any and every piece has a wide choice of color, with an accurate preview for each.  Plus, there’s no need to worry about price, which is always just what it should be. Unlike many other custom part companies in it’s league, BrickForge is quite friendly and generous, adding little extra parts to my orders ( I’m not sure whether or not that’s purposeful, but it’s still pretty awesome).

The owners, Armothe and Redbean, are highly experienced with the field of Lego, and ensure that their products are adequate for both experienced and inexperienced customers. They also host a forum, and have a page on Flickr. On the forum, you can suggest a piece that they don’t currently carry, or post your usage of BF products.

I prefer BrickForge as a source of customs. icon_150x80


please comment here and tell me what you think

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