Minecraft April Fools

Got on Minecraft today and was scared out of my whits when clicking the Multiplayer button on the menu.
“Click!” It was a villagers voice, saying “click”! I continued to navigate the menu finding to my surprise that everything was being narrated by a villager. Was I being hacked? Does my computer have a virus? No. APRIL FOOLS!

I was relieved at the realization. Joining the server of Mineplex, I discovered that everyone’s skins were that of the villagers.




As seen in the snapshots above, I was playing Turf Wars. Involving a lot of arrow shooting.

“Phew! Phew! Phew!” “Boing! Boing!” “Ow!” “Oof!”

Every action was being interpreted into an Element Animation form of a villager voice. Let me tell you, it was really annoying. But also painfully hilarious. Apparently Minecraft set everyone’s resource pack to the Element Animation resource pack.

The chat was filled with confusion and the words Element Animation and April Fools. It was a fun experience that I thought i’d share.


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