New Lego StarWars Blasters

new blasster cartoon

The last Lego StarWars wave included: the Sandcrawler, the Great Vehicle Collection,the Coruscant Police Gunship, the Republic AV-7 Vehicle Cannon, the Droid Tri-Fighter, the AT-AP, the Droid Gunship, the Vulture Droid, the General Grievous’ Wheel Bike, the V-Wing Starfighter, Jedi Intercepter, the Battle of Saleucami, Utapau Troopers, Kashyyyk Troopers and Death Star Troopers. not including the Micro Fighters.

These were great additions and some replacement sets for the really old ones(non-CloneWars). But, hidden among these, are three small battle packs, which iv’e highlighted in the list above. When first finding out about the next wave (via Brick Show), it was mentioned that a new kind of blaster was going to be introduced. The blaster was going to be able to actually shoot.

It was pretty exiting to think of all the possibilities, although, I never saw any pictures.

Then It finally came out, among a huge wave surrounded by repeats and new clone wars episodes.


Awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I immediately wanted to go and buy the set… but then I tore my eyes from the trooper’s helmet and looked down.


I held back some barf in my throat. What is that? Oh.

Okay, okay. It wasn’t that dramatic, but the blaster was pretty bad. It’s fat, it’s disproportional, it’s ugly. In no way does it resemble a gun from either CloneWars, StarWars or the extended universe.

The new blaster’s uses are limited to play. All collectors will find it utterly and completely useless. But, keep in mind that playing with Legos is not excluded to little kids. Personally,I would find this blaster very useful in a certain environment. for example, a while ago, I had created a Lego based warfare game. The basic goal was to destroy all your enemies via a rubber band powered cannon. The pawns were a assortment of a certain themed army. They could move, and if close enough, attack. But we had no short range guns to give them, so it completely destroyed the realistic feel of actually being able to aim and shoot. At the time, there was absolutely no thinkable solution. Now that the blasters came out, I have the perfect way to attack with troopers (but I must admit I haven’t actually bought a product with the gun in it yet, so i’m not sure of it’s firing capability). Any purpose other than play doesn’t fit at all. 

However, the sets that have the blasters in them, are among the top five in the wave. And that’s the main problem i’m having with the whole issue. As a collector, MOC builder and just general Lego user, I really like to collect clones. Two out of the three battle packs have the coolest, awesomest, best clones iv’e ever seen in my life. So to not be able to collect them along with their guns. Not good. Plus, I can’t find them in any re-sellers.

The solution? Well, the main problem is looks. What if there was a way to make a thinner, smaller bullet to fit in a more stylish gun.

looking somewhat like this, except really small so that it’ll fit into a standard sized barrel.

Or, there is a second solution. If a modified bullet is out of the question, then there’s still a way to use a stud (1×1 round plate). Since the current gun is too big, what if they made it bigger? That’s right. BIGGER. The gun could be a rocket launcher or bazooka or something like that, instead of an over-sized pistol. *gasps* A way to keep the stud and design, without it being ugly. Amazing.

Summary: The new blasters look and operate terribly. But consider the little uses they have because of the sets they come in, other wise, don’t bother.



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