Day 27- Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Portrait-01

I created a portrait of Martin Luther King via Adobe Illustrator by applying a filter to a photo of King, tracing and adjusting the lines with the pencil tool and filling the shapes with darker and darker shades of grey.

I then exported each layer into an image, imported them back into blender as separate planes, animated the camera and planes, composited some particles with defocus and motion blur and, of course, exported the result into Vimeo.

There were a few mistakes that I might have avoided, such as, you may notice as the particles move by, they might blink slightly. That is a result of the defocus filter, and the threshold setting, which is probably too low. And there is also the part when the camera comes close to the images, there is a weird blur that happens around the image. This is caused also because of the defocus filter, since the images are on planes which I have made the rest transparent, the defocus filter still registers the transparent part of the plane and defocuses it as well. Thus blurring everything behind it. Oh well.

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