Beyond the Mask Fan Art

Beyond the Mask Art

Hi there! I didn’t get to make a daily post today, but I recently saw Beyond the Mask, and decided to create some fan art for it. It took me pretty much the whole day to complete, and unfortunately, after exporting everything, I accidentally deleted the file with all the separate layers. 😦 Total bummer. I could probably edit the pic decently if I ever needed to, and I saved a couple different versions, but it still isn’t fun to have hours and hours of work flattened accidentally. So yeah… I have two versions here, you can click on either one of them to make them bigger. The one above is the original, and below is one for use as a desktop background. And yes, he doesn’t have a mouth, this is for a few reasons: I didn’t really know how to execute it without messing the pic up, it looks cool… to me and I’m too lazy to try.Beyond the Mask Art (Desktop With Logo)

As for the process, I made the orange, out-of-focus explosion-thing behind him by downloading an explosion pic and putting it in blender. In Blender, I used a defocus node with the heptagon type set (Which is the same kind they used in the movie, yes… I counted the corners of the unfocused light while in the theater. 🙂 ). Then I exported the result, put it in sketchbook and used a custom brush I made to make more, clear heptagons. That was the explosion. I’m not sure how long it took me to paint Will (The man), I tried keeping track, but between work and small breaks, I gave up. I like how most of it came out, the hat, his cloths (particularly the crease in the back of his right elbow, his blowing coat and the buttons). I know all the clothing isn’t completely accurate, I used miscellaneous pics from the site, and snapshots I took from the trailer. There are some parts of him I didn’t like after, but I can live with it. Iv’e only just started trying this style of art, so I’m sure there is some improvement to be made. But all in all, I like it.

-Jumping Monkey


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