Day 76- Sasquatch (Speed Painting Time-Lapse)

Sasquatch final
click to see larger

Prompt: A Sasquatch sighting in an unusual location

Iv’e been watching and studying speed painting for a couple days now and decided to give it a go. So, I spent most of the day making brushes, then recorded the painting. I’m semi-happy with the results. I definitely need more practice, and I plan on doing much more in the future. As for the time, it really wasn’t much of a speed painting. I was planning on doing half an hour at max, but it took me a little over an hour instead.

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2 thoughts on “Day 76- Sasquatch (Speed Painting Time-Lapse)

    1. Thanks! I thought I had been posting a lot of time-lapses lately, but when I looked, there weren’t as many as I thought. So I figured I could slip in another. 🙂

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