Jumping Monkey Characters (Including official mascot!)

Hey! I’m currently on vacation and have been working on a few characters, which is a lot easier now that I’m taking a break from doing freelance work. Any way, here they are:

Jumping Monkey Mascot
Click to see bigger
Jumping Monkey Realistic_Cartoon
Click to see bigger

Description below this picture \/

IM final Pic

So, I first had the idea of making a Jumping Monkey mascot, which is the stylized looking monkey guy in the sliding pose. He was a relatively easy drawing actually, but, regardless, I really like how it turned out. The second character I made, is the “realistic” cartoon monkey. Not as fun, but the result wasn’t too bad in my opinion either. However, I will admit he may have been a little rushed. The third is a character of me in Interstellar Marines (A sci-fi fps game) armor. I have recently joined a clan (Pro Marine Core), and will be playing in the IM tournament soon, so I thought it would be a cool piece to have since I’m going to be a part of the community and such. This drawing took three days of on and off work to complete, and I really like the result. Also, look below for a Jumping Monkey character desktop background I put together. Including my Minecraft character.JM Wallpaper-01

For more Daily Characters click here or you can just check out the rest of my site here.

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