Turtle Sculpture

Turtle Render 1Turtle Render 2Turtle Render 3

Lately I have been getting into the idea of sculpting in blender. For some reason I watched an instructional video that was on Blender Cookie, and wanted to give it a shot.

This is my first real attempt. It took me about 2-2.5 hours to complete, and I learned a ton. Basically, I just started out with a subdivided cube (which is basically a sphere), and sculpted random shapes onto it with the dynamic topology enabled. Somehow, it ended up being a turtle. Which was perfect, since I got to sculpt all the wrinkles and stuff. I thought about giving him a beard and a little beanie, but when I tried the beard, I noticed it took too much attention away from the facial details.

The renders are a bit raw, I didn’t have time to run them through an image editor, but I thought they came out okay.

I’ll probably post more on sculpting another time.

-Jumping Monkey


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