Cycles Rendering (Blender 3d)

I’m back from vacation and have some stuff to show for the hours that I had nothing to do. Here’s one of them.

Cycles Render 2Cycles test

For as long as Iv’e been using Blender 3d, I have rendered everything with the internal engine, which is one of the two options. The other option being: Cycles

There is a big list of advantages to rendering with Cycles, but in short, it’s more accurate and realistic. Anyway, during my time with no internet, I decided to mess around with Cycles, and see what I could do. Here are a couple of results I got from rendering a past sculpt in Cycles.

Glossy turtle
Glossy surface

Glassy turtle

I had to play around with the glass one a bit to get an interesting image. What I ended up doing was having a plane behind the turtle with an emission material, which basically makes it a light source.

I have some photos and possibly some pen drawings coming up, so follow this site either by email or WordPress if you want to see more.

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-Jumping Monkey (Josh)

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