Character/Logo + Pixel Art

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some fun jobs lately. Unfortunately, I can’t show them all, but here’s a couple of the pieces that I can.

Less Energy LogoLess Energy Banner-01

These are for a Youtube channel called Less energy. The guy was cool, not picky, and very easy to work with. Here’s the review he gave me:

“I got Jumping Monkey to do some YouTube artwork for me. His work is very affordable and really professional. He understood what I wanted and delivered a better product than I could have imagined.” 
-William, Upcoming YouTuber
You can email me at if you want to commission your own work.
Pixel warrior final
Here’s a pixel drawing I did as a test for another job. I always looked down on pixel art, but now I get the appeal. It’s REALLY addicting. And actually very easy once I figured out the resolution. The program I used for this, and probably other pixel art in the future, is called Affinity Photo, which has a special pixel tool that makes the process much faster and simpler.
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Sniper/Blizzard Illustration


This was a random sketch, which I ended up inking, then messing around with the colors and textures. It still looks a little plain to me though. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could turn the sketch into a finished illustration. This was as close as I could get.

Here’s the original sketch:Sniper sketch

Jungle Spit-Paint

Jungle ink

This is a style I was playing with inspired by Japanese ink paintings. I don’t think I quite matched the technique, but I did get an interesting result that I think does look nice. I have also been playing with animation lately. And I had an idea for a cool story, which takes place in the jungle.

Here’s one of my more popular animation tests:Punch anim test

All of these were made in Sketchbook Pro.


Cycles Rendering (Blender 3d)

I’m back from vacation and have some stuff to show for the hours that I had nothing to do. Here’s one of them.

Cycles Render 2Cycles test

For as long as Iv’e been using Blender 3d, I have rendered everything with the internal engine, which is one of the two options. The other option being: Cycles

There is a big list of advantages to rendering with Cycles, but in short, it’s more accurate and realistic. Anyway, during my time with no internet, I decided to mess around with Cycles, and see what I could do. Here are a couple of results I got from rendering a past sculpt in Cycles.

Glossy turtle
Glossy surface

Glassy turtle

I had to play around with the glass one a bit to get an interesting image. What I ended up doing was having a plane behind the turtle with an emission material, which basically makes it a light source.

I have some photos and possibly some pen drawings coming up, so follow this site either by email or WordPress if you want to see more.

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-Jumping Monkey (Josh)

Personal project

JM painting ADJ
Final image with color adjustments
JM bust AdJ
Without background
JM painting
Without adjustments. Fresh out of painting.

This was an ongoing personal project inspired by a story that I am writing in my free time (17,317 words so far), which I may or may not release after I finish.

These images are going to be useful for stuff like social media and my website, not to mention my portfolio (Which you can see my new one here:!portfolio/q80gv).

I learned a lot about materials, mainly, throughout the process of the painting. And also how much I stink at backgrounds 😛

And if your wondering why the neck is so long; I can assure you, I didn’t really exaggerate that much from my reference…

-Jumping Monkey


More sketches

Here’s a couple more sketches. See the last sketch here:

IMG_1444IMG_1445             IMG_1447


Take a look at me new site here: View Site (Remember that it is still missing stuff and has not yet been upgraded to get rid of the Wix ads. I do need people to look over it and give me some advice. The website is not meant for phones yet.)

-Jumping Monkey

Creepy Bearded Guy Sketch | New site preview!

Creepy beard_1

I don’t like these pictures as much as the real thing, but whatever. There’s probably something wrong with the way I lit it.

You can preview my new site here: View Site (Remember that it is still missing stuff and has not yet been upgraded to get rid of the Wix ads. I do need people to look over it and give me some advice. The website is not meant for phones yet.)

Two more sketches are coming later today.

-Jumping Monkey