How to Customize With Paper

Alright, your ready to customize, you’ve got the fig, the knife, the clay, the decals, whatever it is your using. And then you realize that you may not want to damage your collectible, or permanently scar its precious, shiny plastic surface. Its big, black eyes stare up at you, making you wonder if this is such  a good idea. Is it worth all the hurt? All the suffering? That’s when it dawns on you. why would you ever do such a thing?! What! Were! You! Thinking! (Has this ever happened to me? No.)

At this point, you realize

  1. Wow, I really need to attend the restroom.
  2. I’m way too old for this.
  3. In what way am I accomplishing anything?
  4. Why am I still playing with Legos?
  5. Why is the wall paper not aligned at the edges?
  6. I don’t want to damage my precious!

Well I’ve got the solution right here: PAPER! It’s not permanent, it won’t damage anything, and it’s simple. The perfect way to customize your minifigures without having to spend money or hurt a favored member of you Lego collection. Well what are you waiting for? let’s get started!

If your still reading this, than you decided that you should give this thing a shot. Or you just thought the intro was funny. Either way, your on the right track.

Step 1: Get some paper. well, you think to yourself, that’s easy enough. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not. In fact, this is the hardest step in the whole process. Not just any paper will suffice, although, it does greatly depend on your project. If you intend to replace a decal with paper, then you will need something that doesn’t smear, yet doesn’t have a cloth like texture and doesn’t create a slight tear when its bent. If you want a piece of clothing, like: a pauldron, a cape, a skirt, even a shirt (depending on the material your trying to replicate), then a paper with cloth-like qualities will be perfect. But keep in mind when picking your paper type to avoid all material that has difficulty folding in meticulous patterns.

Step 2: Choose a pattern. This can also be difficult if you don’t have the right resources. A cape pattern is pretty simple. Just copy the original Lego design and modify, or make your own. A pauldron isn’t so easy. An official Lego version is hard to find, but you can use my example which I used on a custom Boba Fett figure (Four Bounty Hunters). As for a shirt, this project is much, MUCH, MUCH more complicated than the others. For an example, just study this photo that I took before applying some paper armor onto a fig. Jeck minifig photos 003 and here’s a vanilla template. cannon pics for josh 003  The former pic includes shoulder armor, knee armor and elbow armor. when applied, looks somewhat like this. Jeck minifig photos 006

Step 3: Apply. Finally! You get to see what it looks like when put together. But before proceeding, please note that if you preform this step recklessly, then all your work will be lost, thus resulting in lots of tears. When applying anything with art on it, I advise gloves to prevent smearing, regardless of the paper. Make sure not to fold in the wrong direction or fold uneven. This will result in an unclean look when applied, or even a disability to fit. Two devastating situations that can’t be reversed, and i’m sure there’s more that i’m missing but just be very careful.

Step 4: Take a step back and admire your handiwork.

Congratulations! If you followed the previous steps, you have completed what I hope to be a successfully paper customized minifigure. Although, if you have questions on the process, than please voice them in the comments below. And if you think that paper customization just isn’t for you, than consider the following resources: Enjoy!   

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