Minecraft project

Here’s a little picture i threw together. I’m still working on other mobs and blocks. So far it’s looking good.
I’m pretty happy with how it came out, although the faces aren’t actually there, I might make some later for other mobs. My favorite part is the block system. I was inspired by the new Minecraft theme Lego is working on. In the new theme, it looks like they made a new head for Steve, but of course I don’t have one yet so I improvised with a 2×2 topped with a flat brown 2×2 plate (if that’s what its called) for hair. As for the enderman, I have another version of him with his mouth closed. My next project is the pig. So far iv’e got it in grey, but I don’t have any pink pieces (due to my lack of Bellville and Friends sets). I do have a design though, and it even has a couple studs on the back so Steve can ride it. The other mob I built in grey is the villager, which doesn’t include any minifigure parts, due to their arms. I might make a different one later.

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