Minecraft Avatars

What’s this? you say. Ah, well let me enlighten you.

Here, I draw Minecraft avatar pictures based on your awesome Minecraft skin, which you may have created, or found (and modified). I have some experience with doing this kind of thing, having offered and created many free 3d Minecraft portraits for a period of time (which I had to close, due to overwhelming demand). Now I offer paid Minecraft avatars, which I sketch, then finish in Adobe Illustrator. For more of my work, you can explore my website or see my daily drawings. In fact, to narrow down how you will like your avatar drawn, you can look through my daily characters and pick one that you like the style of.

You can use your avatar to show you mean business on your youtube channel, or show off your avatar on social media, and forums.

Questions? Contact me at jumpingmonkeyart@gmail.com


How does this work?

step 1: You fill out the form above.
step 2: You will get an email either denying or approving your Minecraft skin
step 3: If your skin was approved, you will get a link in the email to pay
step 4: Once you have payed, I will begin transforming you awesome Minecraft skin, into an amazing Minecraft avatar, depending on how you filled out the form.
Simple, right? See below notes for more information.


Minecraft Avatar Notes

▷ You can use your avatar for anything from personal to commercial use
▷ You avatar image will be 1280 x 800 (unless you choose the head avatar) pixels as a .png filetype
▷ Your avatar will be emailed to you in two days, depending on how many other customers have ordered before you, and if your Minecraft skin is approved.
▷ Content must be appropriate, and will be moderated before further action.
▷ No refunds

please comment here and tell me what you think

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