Turtle Sculpture

Turtle Render 1Turtle Render 2Turtle Render 3

Lately I have been getting into the idea of sculpting in blender. For some reason I watched an instructional video that was on Blender Cookie, and wanted to give it a shot.

This is my first real attempt. It took me about 2-2.5 hours to complete, and I learned a ton. Basically, I just started out with a subdivided cube (which is basically a sphere), and sculpted random shapes onto it with the dynamic topology enabled. Somehow, it ended up being a turtle. Which was perfect, since I got to sculpt all the wrinkles and stuff. I thought about giving him a beard and a little beanie, but when I tried the beard, I noticed it took too much attention away from the facial details.

The renders are a bit raw, I didn’t have time to run them through an image editor, but I thought they came out okay.

I’ll probably post more on sculpting another time.

-Jumping Monkey


Pen drawings and commissions (lots of images!!!)

Hi there, I’m back with a bucket of images today. First, I’ll show a few ink drawings that I have been doing in my sketchbook recently for fun.

The minotaur drawing was for a daily sketch Twitter account called @Sketches_Dailies that I’m planning on posting to at least every other day or so. I did one other pic for them, which is a snagglepuss drawing. Just a quick image I did on my Cintiq in an hour or so.


The commission in the title is this one, but it’s actually a reject that was almost done. Long story short, I did the wrong style and was told that it might be better if I made it more cartoony to match the styles of the album covers and stuff I did in the past. I agreed and have stopped painting this first attempt. This image is missing a few components, but took me about two weeks of on and off work.


I’m aspeccially proud of both the sky’s in this piece, both in the door and the main sunset, which were both just painting with my main brush and smear tool.

Lastly, I have a Concept model of a character for a video game that I am involved in. I can’t talk about the subject, name, or any details of the game yet, but here’s a render of a quick concept model I made.

Test char 2

We wanted a “cute, short and squishy” character that is made mainly out of cubes, and I’m quite proud of this little guy. (Done in Blender)

I know this was a lot of information in one post, but I didn’t feel like posting all this incrementally. Anyway, the progress on my new site has been somewhat paused, as I am making a short animation for it first. This will give me a bunch of content for all the pages and stuff, as well as make a nice landing page for the site. I have animated and rendered the first few shots and everything is moving along quite smoothly. Hopefully it isn’t too long before I finish the site. And hopefully, I will be able to keep posting those daily sketches.

And that would be all folks.

-Jumping Monkey (@1JumpingMonkey)


Frog sketches

Frog sketches

These are some random sketches I did based off the shape of Kermit’s head.

There is currently two art commissions and an animation that I’m waiting to be able to release, so expect those sometime in the future.

Also, I have completed an image for my new website, and have designed a good portion of the website itself. I don’t want to show the image yet, though. And I’m not sure when the new site will be finished. I am planning to create a short animation for it, and that may take a while.

-Jumping Monkey

Random sketches

Rand sketches 1

Some random sketches I did on my Cintiq. For some reason I decided to do them in blue.

For some reason, no matter how I draw an eye, it always ends up looking amazing to me. Even tried blindfolding myself and drawing one… turned out great. So if you learned anything from this post, it’s that if you want to draw something, but aren’t good at drawing, just draw an eye. It’ll be great.

And yes, that monkey is drinking tea.