Learning Swift Programming (book)

This great new book came out recently, teaching how to program with apple’s new language “Swift”. Also, in the section mentioning Blender, the book mentions me and shows a sample from my blender work 🙂 (which I think is pretty cool) :desk and chairsAnyway, Here’s a link to the amazon page and a description:


Flight Number 9239 (part 2) Now Available!

Join Boost on an exciting adventure while he invades the Space Shark, held by a group of pirates.

Here’s a preview:

Boost sighed. How could I possible… oh. He had an idea. Hovering his hand over the power distribution control, he let go of the maneuvering stick and quickly launched a couple flares upward. He peaked at his HUD, seeing his trick had worked. The ship behind him had responded to the flares by dimming the glass shield. In that very moment, the ship stopped firing. Boost saw his chance. He jammed all power to speed and pushed his joystick forward, shooting Nova ahead at five times the speed of the pirate’s ship.

“Signal broken, intercepting AAR,” Nova said exactly what Boost wanted to hear. He shifted the power back to normal and dispatched a cluster of mines behind him with the press of a button. Without the AAR connected, the pirate ship just surged forward, oblivious to the explosives.

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Flight Number 9239 (New story)

Here’s a preview, but iv’e already posted it.

“Well what do we have here?” The leader displayed a cruel smile, revealing two rows of sharp, yellow teeth. He strode farther into the room with arrogance, “Boys.”

The two other pirates stepped past the leader and each pulled out a bulky guns.

They need me. Dantaro saw the intensity setting on the side of the weapons, both were set to mild. Without me, this whole raid would have been for nothing. They need me as a hostage. He thought. Once the general found out, the ship would be instantly taken back. But with me, the pirates think they can threaten the general and get him to let them take the weapons. Otherwise, troopers would have swarmed the ship and destroyed the scoundrels.

“Take him and the rest to the supply room,” The leader commanded. In a synchronized motion, the pirates grabbed Dantaro by the shoulders and dragged him out of the cockpit room.

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