Sniper/Blizzard Illustration


This was a random sketch, which I ended up inking, then messing around with the colors and textures. It still looks a little plain to me though. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could turn the sketch into a finished illustration. This was as close as I could get.

Here’s the original sketch:Sniper sketch

Day 68- Neophobia (the fear of new things)

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click to see larger

When looking for things to put on yesterdays poll, I came across and “random phobia lister” I picked out neophobia and put it in the poll, I had an idea in my head of what I would do the whole time. Since it was voted for, I got to draw my idea today. It was really quick and simple, with a new character style I decided to try. I like how most of it turned out, but the kid in the corner could definently have more emotion.

Here’s the poll for tomorrow:

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You Can Vote!

Even though you haven’t seen the all the characters yet, you can still vote on who you want to win. But you can still wait until they come out.

“Here’s where I’m going to post all the information about my new comic “COW”. You can see all the new characters on this page, explore the different maps and arenas, view the upcoming battles, check the newest pages of the comic and even vote to influence the outcome of future battles.”

or you can see the official page here

The First Page of COW!

The rest of the comic may not start being posted until later, but I just thought i’d give a little update. So here it is, check it out

After the first episode is finished, you can vote on who you want to win in the second, although, the warrior who receives the majority of votes doesn’t necessarily in yet, the votes are only influence.