Character/Logo + Pixel Art

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some fun jobs lately. Unfortunately, I can’t show them all, but here’s a couple of the pieces that I can.

Less Energy LogoLess Energy Banner-01

These are for a Youtube channel called Less energy. The guy was cool, not picky, and very easy to work with. Here’s the review he gave me:

“I got Jumping Monkey to do some YouTube artwork for me. His work is very affordable and really professional. He understood what I wanted and delivered a better product than I could have imagined.” 
-William, Upcoming YouTuber
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Pixel warrior final
Here’s a pixel drawing I did as a test for another job. I always looked down on pixel art, but now I get the appeal. It’s REALLY addicting. And actually very easy once I figured out the resolution. The program I used for this, and probably other pixel art in the future, is called Affinity Photo, which has a special pixel tool that makes the process much faster and simpler.
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Landscape commission

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a while (all summer), mostly because of the commissions I’ve been doing. Here’s one of the larger ones I did recently. It’s a piece for an artist’s website. He creates a lot of cool dubstep music and has commissioned me to do all his song covers and website illustrations.

The top picture is the original color, and the on the bottom is with some adjustments the hue, saturation, contrast, color, etc.


Biography adjusted

Later today I might post some pictures I took at Block Island earlier this summer. And, also, in the coming weeks look out for an animation I was commissioned to do for a Minecraft server. It’s the largest project I’ve ever done and it’s turning out to look pretty good. Here’s the website of the server (They have a REALLY nice website!):

See ya! -Jumping Monkey

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