Inktober: Week 2

Week 1

I just finished last weekends drawings last night, so yeah; that’s why this is late.


Day 11: “Perhaps”



Day 14-15: More head sketches
Day 16-17

Ideally I would have posted this on Sunday, but school and freelancing got busy and I was having trouble deciding what to draw.

I’m not particularly proud of any of these, but I think the way day 11 came out is interesting. It was probably the first time that I used my thicker pens and didn’t regret it.

Also, the last four days, which I did last night, are (partially) inked with my new Copic 0.03 tip pen. It’s really nice for details and small drawings at about half the size of my previously smallest pen. I wish I had it when I did day 12 to maybe make some grass or something to fill in the ground.

Anywho, that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading, and make sure to like and follow if you enjoyed my content.


-Josh M


Day 48- Happy/Sad Dude (Gif Animation)


I was told that my characters were starting to fall into a pattern of unibrow, frowns and droopy posture. So I animated this face, which starts off with a twitching wide-eyed “happy” face, then drops to my usual “bored” face. (I noticed some pixilation, so you can just click on the image to get a more HD view.)

I drew the frames as layers in Adobe Illustrator and then exported each into Gimp, which could then be exported as a GIF image.

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