Inktober: Week 2

Week 1

I just finished last weekends drawings last night, so yeah; that’s why this is late.


Day 11: “Perhaps”



Day 14-15: More head sketches
Day 16-17

Ideally I would have posted this on Sunday, but school and freelancing got busy and I was having trouble deciding what to draw.

I’m not particularly proud of any of these, but I think the way day 11 came out is interesting. It was probably the first time that I used my thicker pens and didn’t regret it.

Also, the last four days, which I did last night, are (partially) inked with my new Copic 0.03 tip pen. It’s really nice for details and small drawings at about half the size of my previously smallest pen. I wish I had it when I did day 12 to maybe make some grass or something to fill in the ground.

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-Josh M


Inktober: Week 1

An illustrator named Jake Parker started Inktober in 2009 as a personal challenge to improve his inking skills. Today, thousands of artists do the daily challenge by making ink drawings every day for the whole month of October. Here’s more information:

I decided to give Inktober a shot this year, only to find out I had no idea what I was doing. I struggled through the first five drawings, pretty much hating everything I drew.


I got some blue lead for my mechanical pencil and began to see improvement. I was having problems with the underdrawing with my normal lead since I had to erase it afterwards and it made nasty marks on the paper around the ink. Plus blue is better for drafting, as it lets me develop the lines more, rather than the finality of the darker lead.

Day 5: Sad
Day 6: Anatomically impossible creepy goblin
Day 7: Fox warrior
Day 8: Hunter Wolf
Day 9 sketch
Day 9: Bunny bounty-hunter

There actually is a prompt list for each day of the month, but I only used a couple of them and sort of deviated into a fantasy animal theme, which I may or may not continue.

If I’ve learned anything about inking, it would be that less is more. Many of ink drawings are ruined by unnecessary blocks of shading, or lines that are too thick by contrast. That said, you have to add a certain amount of contrast, or the drawing will appear boring, for example, my first inking of day 9:


It’s not a great example, as the fur does help, but hopefully you see what I mean.

Anyway, I’m happy with my progress and can’t wait to see where I am at the end of the month. Feel free to give me suggestions in the comments for future Inktober drawings. Don’t forget to like this post if you did, and follow if you want to see more.

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-Josh M

Wolverine Digital Watercolor + Pixel art


So yeah, digital watercoloring… kinda. I originally sketched this traditionally with a mechanical pencil, then inked it a few days later. I let it lie around for a while and decided to re-sketch the drawing digitally. That sat for a few days as well, as I was really stuck on what to do with the piece.

Recently I’ve been approaching digital art, especially since I’m using Sketchbook Pro, as a kind of traditional art simulator, adding textures, using weird brushes, stuff like that. So I was messing around with some brushes from the weekly Sketchbook Pro blog and noticed that one of the oil painting brushes seemed kind of watery.

It took me an hour to paint the final image. I think there are probably better brushes that I could have used, but in some areas it actually looks pretty nice and watercolory. If I was to go back and fix some stuff, I would desaturate and lighten some of the colors, and also sponge the middle areas to get those dark edges like watercolor in real life. I’ll keep experimenting. I really like the concept of a digital watercolor brush.

Here’s a pixel drawing I did of the portrait, which I almost animated:wolverine-portrait

I did record the process of coloring the wolverine portrait, but I want to make a few more videos before I restart my Youtube channel, which, by the way, I might try to upload some tutorials on.

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Character/Logo + Pixel Art

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some fun jobs lately. Unfortunately, I can’t show them all, but here’s a couple of the pieces that I can.

Less Energy LogoLess Energy Banner-01

These are for a Youtube channel called Less energy. The guy was cool, not picky, and very easy to work with. Here’s the review he gave me:

“I got Jumping Monkey to do some YouTube artwork for me. His work is very affordable and really professional. He understood what I wanted and delivered a better product than I could have imagined.” 
-William, Upcoming YouTuber
You can email me at if you want to commission your own work.
Pixel warrior final
Here’s a pixel drawing I did as a test for another job. I always looked down on pixel art, but now I get the appeal. It’s REALLY addicting. And actually very easy once I figured out the resolution. The program I used for this, and probably other pixel art in the future, is called Affinity Photo, which has a special pixel tool that makes the process much faster and simpler.
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Sniper/Blizzard Illustration


This was a random sketch, which I ended up inking, then messing around with the colors and textures. It still looks a little plain to me though. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could turn the sketch into a finished illustration. This was as close as I could get.

Here’s the original sketch:Sniper sketch

Personal project

JM painting ADJ
Final image with color adjustments
JM bust AdJ
Without background
JM painting
Without adjustments. Fresh out of painting.

This was an ongoing personal project inspired by a story that I am writing in my free time (17,317 words so far), which I may or may not release after I finish.

These images are going to be useful for stuff like social media and my website, not to mention my portfolio (Which you can see my new one here:!portfolio/q80gv).

I learned a lot about materials, mainly, throughout the process of the painting. And also how much I stink at backgrounds 😛

And if your wondering why the neck is so long; I can assure you, I didn’t really exaggerate that much from my reference…

-Jumping Monkey


Day 54- There’s Always a Bigger Fish (Animation)

I did like six characters for this post and took almost the whole day to create them, animate and add music and sound effects. The characters were done in in Adobe Illustrator and I animated everything in Blender.

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Day 50- Bizarre Tales of The Jumping Monkey

Okay, so I missed a few days. I’m running out of ideas faster than… than… I usually do… Anywho, I had the idea of doing a continuing series which you may already know the name of (it is the title of this post), Bizarre Tales of The Jumping Monkey. I started the story today, and Illustrated a part from it. Enjoy!

Bizarre Tales of The Jumping Monkey

A light, dreadfully brilliant. Drifting like a wandering soul through the shady collage of twisted and bare stalks. Ah… how I shivered and quaked… Listening to the wind howl through the nightly darkness. Watching. Listening. Waiting.
The light, Dreadfully brilliant… It was getting closer. It was coming to take me. I was trapped.
Whimpers rose softly from my dry, crackly throat, into the dead mist. The light ignored the sound and kept a steady pace toward my cowering form, curled in the shadow of a ghostly, expired stalk. Closer… Closer… Closer!!! I began a terrified wail, arms and legs pushing and shoving franticly to press my quaking body away from the light… So dreadfully brilliant.
“NO!!! Don’t take me! No, please!” I wailed in the darkness.
The light was upon me now. It rush the last few feet. I screamed.
“Stop! Stop your noise!” Came a hoarse whisper, “Do you intend to wake the buffoon!? With all the racket your making, it would be a surprise if we weren’t eaten up very soon!”
“What?” I whispered, voice still choked and shuddery.
“The white faced one! The one with his stick to slap! The one they call ‘the madcap’! Have you no knowledge of this beast? The one who will cause your heart to cease?!”
“Uh…” I noticed for the first time that the light had a face, “N-no… I have never heard nor seen this thing you s-speak of.”
The light’s face was a scrunched bundle of eyes and a mouth. It’s eyes small and beady.
The Light's Face
“Ah… New, you must be. But lucky, for the monster, you did not-“ The light’s wide mouth froze. It’s eyes darted, raising and lowering minute brows.
I followed the light, low to the furry base of the stalk forest.

I will continue the story in the next daily character post. By the way, welcome to suggest a character in the comments.

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Day 48- Happy/Sad Dude (Gif Animation)


I was told that my characters were starting to fall into a pattern of unibrow, frowns and droopy posture. So I animated this face, which starts off with a twitching wide-eyed “happy” face, then drops to my usual “bored” face. (I noticed some pixilation, so you can just click on the image to get a more HD view.)

I drew the frames as layers in Adobe Illustrator and then exported each into Gimp, which could then be exported as a GIF image.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.