Personal project

JM painting ADJ
Final image with color adjustments
JM bust AdJ
Without background
JM painting
Without adjustments. Fresh out of painting.

This was an ongoing personal project inspired by a story that I am writing in my free time (17,317 words so far), which I may or may not release after I finish.

These images are going to be useful for stuff like social media and my website, not to mention my portfolio (Which you can see my new one here:!portfolio/q80gv).

I learned a lot about materials, mainly, throughout the process of the painting. And also how much I stink at backgrounds ūüėõ

And if your wondering why the neck is so long; I can assure you, I didn’t really exaggerate that much from my reference…

-Jumping Monkey


Jumping Monkey Characters (Including official mascot!)

Hey! I’m currently on vacation and have been working on a few characters, which is a lot easier now that I’m taking a break from doing freelance work. Any way, here they are:

Jumping Monkey Mascot
Click to see bigger
Jumping Monkey Realistic_Cartoon
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Description below this picture \/

IM final Pic

So, I first had the idea of making a Jumping Monkey mascot, which is the stylized looking monkey guy in the sliding pose. He was a relatively easy drawing actually, but, regardless, I really like how it turned out. The second character I made, is the “realistic” cartoon monkey. Not as fun, but the result wasn’t too bad in my opinion either. However, I will admit he may have been a little rushed. The third is a character of me in¬†Interstellar Marines¬†(A sci-fi fps game)¬†armor. I have recently joined a clan (Pro Marine Core), and will be playing in the IM tournament soon, so I thought it would be a cool piece to have since I’m going to be a part of the community and such. This drawing took three days of on and off work to complete, and I really like the result. Also, look below for a Jumping Monkey character desktop background I put together. Including my Minecraft character.JM Wallpaper-01

For more Daily Characters click here or you can just check out the rest of my site here.

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Had A bit of an ear ache this morning and had to stay up… playing Quakecraft.¬†Haven’t played Quakecraft in a while but decided to give it a go again… played for four hours straight. I only recorded like three or four games, but I was able to make this montage thing in a couple hours. Anyway, thanks to all the awesome players who looked cool while I shot them and played even though I was utterly dominating. Enjoy!