Sketch Dump 2

Here’s the second round of random sketches and concepts that have been piling up. Iv’e posted most of these in other places, but didn’t give them their own post here.



Scarecrow and Landscape Concepts

Couple of concept paintings here. Both are done more or less on a single layer, excepting some glow effects and sketch lines. I tried not to spend too much time on either, but they took longer than I would have liked. Rendering is something I need to practice more.

First I’ll show the Scarecrow, my favorite between the two images here:scarcrowuntitled

I used a website called for the idea. Scarecrow is a villain from the Batman DC comics, but the design isn’t that much different from a normal scarecrow, so it’s not necessarily fan-art.

Up next is a landscape that I randomly started painting. It’s more of a sketch than anything else. I’ve been having¬†to do landscape backgrounds for a game recently, so that was probably the inspiration, to see what I could do outside of a paid situation. Personally, I don’t really like the result:


I should have focused more on the composition from the beginning. Unfortunately I just started painting a bunch of mountains and had to start from there. I’ll probably try something like this again to see if I can get a better result.

One more note: I added a new url to this site. So now there is the original, but also as well.

Thanks for reading,



Jungle Spit-Paint

Jungle ink

This is a style I was playing with inspired by Japanese ink paintings. I don’t think I quite matched the technique, but I did get an interesting result that I think does look nice. I have also been playing with animation lately. And I had an idea for a cool story, which takes place in the jungle.

Here’s one of my more popular animation tests:Punch anim test

All of these were made in Sketchbook Pro.


Personal project

JM painting ADJ
Final image with color adjustments
JM bust AdJ
Without background
JM painting
Without adjustments. Fresh out of painting.

This was an ongoing personal project inspired by a story that I am writing in my free time (17,317 words so far), which I may or may not release after I finish.

These images are going to be useful for stuff like social media and my website, not to mention my portfolio (Which you can see my new one here:!portfolio/q80gv).

I learned a lot about materials, mainly, throughout the process of the painting. And also how much I stink at backgrounds ūüėõ

And if your wondering why the neck is so long; I can assure you, I didn’t really exaggerate that much from my reference…

-Jumping Monkey


Pen drawings and commissions (lots of images!!!)

Hi there, I’m back with a bucket of images today. First, I’ll show a few ink drawings that I have been doing in my sketchbook recently for fun.

The minotaur drawing was for a daily sketch Twitter account called @Sketches_Dailies that I’m planning on posting to at least every other day or so. I did one other pic for them, which is a snagglepuss drawing. Just a quick image I did on my Cintiq in an hour or so.


The commission in the title is this one, but it’s actually a reject that was almost done. Long story short, I did the wrong style and was told that it might be better if I made it more cartoony to match the styles of the album covers and stuff I did in the past. I agreed and have stopped painting this first attempt. This image is missing a few components, but took me about two weeks of on and off work.


I’m aspeccially proud of both the sky’s in this piece, both in the door and the main sunset, which were both just painting with my main brush and smear tool.

Lastly, I have a Concept model of a character for a video game that I am involved in. I can’t talk about the subject, name, or any details of the game yet, but here’s a render of a quick concept model I made.

Test char 2

We wanted a “cute, short and squishy” character that is made mainly out of cubes, and I’m quite proud of this little guy. (Done in Blender)

I know this was a lot of information in one post, but I didn’t feel like posting all this incrementally. Anyway, the progress on my new site has been somewhat paused, as I am making a short animation for it first. This will give me a bunch of content for all the pages and stuff, as well as make a nice landing page for the site. I have animated and rendered the first few shots and everything is moving along quite smoothly. Hopefully it isn’t too long before I finish the site. And hopefully, I will be able to keep posting those daily sketches.

And that would be all folks.

-Jumping Monkey (@1JumpingMonkey)


Landscape commission

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a while (all summer), mostly because of the commissions I’ve been doing. Here’s one of the larger ones I did recently. It’s a piece for an artist’s website. He creates a lot of cool dubstep music and has commissioned me to do all his song covers and website illustrations.

The top picture is the original color, and the on the bottom is with some adjustments the hue, saturation, contrast, color, etc.


Biography adjusted

Later today I might post some pictures I took at Block Island earlier this summer. And, also, in the coming weeks look out for an animation I was commissioned to do for a Minecraft server. It’s the largest project I’ve ever done and it’s turning out to look pretty good. Here’s the website of the server (They have a REALLY nice website!):¬†

See ya! -Jumping Monkey

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Jumping Monkey Characters (Including official mascot!)

Hey! I’m currently on vacation and have been working on a few characters, which is a lot easier now that I’m taking a break from doing freelance work. Any way, here they are:

Jumping Monkey Mascot
Click to see bigger
Jumping Monkey Realistic_Cartoon
Click to see bigger

Description below this picture \/

IM final Pic

So, I first had the idea of making a Jumping Monkey mascot, which is the stylized looking monkey guy in the sliding pose. He was a relatively easy drawing actually, but, regardless, I really like how it turned out. The second character I made, is the “realistic” cartoon monkey. Not as fun, but the result wasn’t too bad in my opinion either. However, I will admit he may have been a little rushed. The third is a character of me in¬†Interstellar Marines¬†(A sci-fi fps game)¬†armor. I have recently joined a clan (Pro Marine Core), and will be playing in the IM tournament soon, so I thought it would be a cool piece to have since I’m going to be a part of the community and such. This drawing took three days of on and off work to complete, and I really like the result. Also, look below for a Jumping Monkey character desktop background I put together. Including my Minecraft character.JM Wallpaper-01

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Day 77- Wanderers


Well, I had this idea, but I also wanted to do one of the prompts that was voted on. I ended up just drawing my idea and naming it similarly to the prompt. I’m still working on my techniques, but I’m getting there.

I’m not going to post a poll today, there aren’t really enough votes anymore, and I would rather just drawing whatever comes into my head.

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