Almost there!

I have been testing the rig and I think it is ready to move up a version. I will make the new version available soon. Here is a little scene I made to test ittest

For the next update, I will add more shape key options, like: eye position, more mouth positions, body shapes (gender, fat, skinny, etc), and more if I think of any. I will also make the facial rig easier to use, as in the bone shapes and such.

Rig now supporting 1.8!

I just finished the new rig update, and although it is not yet available, I have successfully refined the UV wrapping to perfection, and go the rig to support 1.8 skins. Here is proof!1.8 skins! So, I look forward to making this available! See you then!

In case you haven’t seen the last post either, here is another sweet improvement to the rig: improved arm and leg bending!


Jumping Monkey MC rig

 Jumping Monkey rig logo(Beta)

Features: Hat layer, 2×2 eyes along with 2×1 eyes and eyebrows!

(Click here for HD on Vimeo)

It’s not complete quite yet and has a few glitches but the rig is good for most poses and maybe even some animation. I’m still working on it mind you, so just comment if you are having problems with the rig. For information on how to use the rig, read the manual in the file. Id’e also like to see what you’ve done with the rig, which you can share in the comments also.

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