Almost there!

I have been testing the rig and I think it is ready to move up a version. I will make the new version available soon. Here is a little scene I made to test ittest

For the next update, I will add more shape key options, like: eye position, more mouth positions, body shapes (gender, fat, skinny, etc), and more if I think of any. I will also make the facial rig easier to use, as in the bone shapes and such.

My First Game

Hey! Long time no see! It’s been a while since the last time Iv’e posted on this site, mostly because of a short film I’m making (another story for another time), but I have been doing alot of shoot and miss (FAILED) projects(Minecraft maps, animations, comics and stuff that I might continue later), anywho, check this game out, I made it with Scratch and It’s my first time using the program, so the game is more of a test but you can try it out here. (tried posting it directly here, but it didn’t work) It’s for two people to play on the same keyboard. Enjoy!