Day 55- Cat and Dog (Guest Artist)

Here’s a 4 year old drawing in SketchBook Pro. Well, not quite the entire video is the 4 year old drawing, but the beginning was all her. I was letting her use my Wacom tablet and decided I would have her trace a rough sketch of mine to see what kind of shapes she would create. Then I just modified hers.
The entire time she was watching the finished time-lapse, every ten second she would say “I did that!” “I colored that!”

Cat and dog

Day 47- Mosquito Time-lapse (Animation in Blender)


This is late, I know. It was just supposed to be a simple time-lapse of me, creating, rigging and animating a character, but each step took like half an hour. And I had to animate the mosquito twice, because blender crashed the first time and I hadn’t saved the animation. The second time, I saved every other second (exaggeration), but every time I tried to render the animation, Blender would crash. So, yeah. It was quite an adventure. You can go to the end to see the result.
Anyway, hope you like the time-lapse.
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