Frog sketches

Frog sketches

These are some random sketches I did based off the shape of Kermit’s head.

There is currently two art commissions and an animation that I’m waiting to be able to release, so expect those sometime in the future.

Also, I have completed an image for my new website, and have designed a good portion of the website itself. I don’t want to show the image yet, though. And I’m not sure when the new site will be finished. I am planning to create a short animation for it, and that may take a while.

-Jumping Monkey

Random sketches

Rand sketches 1

Some random sketches I did on my Cintiq. For some reason I decided to do them in blue.

For some reason, no matter how I draw an eye, it always ends up looking amazing to me. Even tried blindfolding myself and drawing one… turned out great. So if you learned anything from this post, it’s that if you want to draw something, but aren’t good at drawing, just draw an eye. It’ll be great.

And yes, that monkey is drinking tea.