Day 54- There’s Always a Bigger Fish (Animation)

I did like six characters for this post and took almost the whole day to create them, animate and add music and sound effects. The characters were done in in Adobe Illustrator and I animated everything in Blender.

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Day 22- The Brick

I had this idea in my mind for a while. Recently, my Adobe flash trial expired, so I could only animate with iMovie. I know, it sounds weird. And it isn’t really “animated”, but I got around to making it and decided to post The Brick as a daily post today.

Disclaimer: There was no foul language associated with this post. The beep sound was merely a indication of technical difficulty.  


Had A bit of an ear ache this morning and had to stay up… playing Quakecraft. Haven’t played Quakecraft in a while but decided to give it a go again… played for four hours straight. I only recorded like three or four games, but I was able to make this montage thing in a couple hours. Anyway, thanks to all the awesome players who looked cool while I shot them and played even though I was utterly dominating. Enjoy!


A two minute video on airsoft and video games (fps). Id’e like to thank all the players and especially the airsoft beebees for their dedication to flying out of muzzles, getting shaken around in the gun clips and also for the time my dog thought they looked like good eating (we found those a while after it had happened). The frame rate and general screen quality of the airsoft shots aren’t perfect, but hopefully soon I will be able to make a more dedicated video with a better Gopro. Enjoy!