Youtube Intros

Hi there!
Welcome to the Jumping Monkey Youtube intro shop. Here, you can buy Youtube intros for your epic channel. Ready to get started? Alright! You can see all your options for intros below. After you have chosen the one you like the most, fill out the form, specifying which intro you want me to customize for you.
Questions? Contact me at

(More, new intros are always being created to give you more options. You can give suggestions by emailing me at jumping

How does this work?

step 1: You fill out the form above.
step 2: You will get an email either denying or approving the content in your intro
step 3: If your content was approved, you will get a link in the email to pay
step 4: Once you have payed, I will begin creating and rendering your epic intro, depending on how you filled out the form.
Simple, right? See below notes for more information.

Youtube Intro Notes

▷ You can use your intro for anything from personal to commercial use
▷ You intro will be 1280 × 720 as a .mov file
▷ Your intro will be emailed to you in two days, depending on how many other customers have ordered before you, and if your Minecraft skin (or Youtube name) is approved.
▷ Content must be appropriate, and will be moderated before further action.
▷ No refunds

please comment here and tell me what you think

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